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If you are away from the place you normally live or are thinking of leaving for whatever reason and you're worried, scared, cold or lonely - we may be able to help you.

We are a children’s charity that was born in 2000. Our founder Hilary watched a TV programme about young people who run away, go missing or are thrown out and was shocked at how little help was available to them. She had a eureka moment (apple falling on her head, light bulb turning on type thing) and decided to do something about it.

So she gathered all her friends and family and asked them to help and set about starting SAFE@LAST.

We now offer services across South Yorkshire for young people who have run away, are thinking of running away, or have been thrown out of the place they normally live.

SAFE@LAST currently provides:

Prevention Work

We visit schools to tell people about the work we are doing. We come into schools so we can tell young people our phone number and talk to them about the risks and dangers of running away. We tell people our slogan ’Ring don’t Run’. Because we want young people to ring us before they run away from home so we can try and help.  We also tell them that we’re here for them, whenever they want, however they want.

The Helpline
We have a helpline that young people can call, text or webchat.  We can chat to children/young people/kids/little people (or whatever you want to be called) about all sorts of things. Everything you talk to us about is confidential.  If you think you might like to access some of our other services like ongoing support then calling/texting/webchatting with the helpline is the way to ask for this.

Ongoing Support
We run a scheme with South Yorkshire police that means if someone runs away from home and then returns the police tell us and we give the young person a call to see if they want us to come out and have a chat with them. Our project workers are friendly and approachable and can support young people so that they do not feel the need to run away from home again.  We can also come out and chat with you if you’ve asked us to (usually by contacting the helpline) if you’re thinking about running away.

Family Support
We provide support to the families of children and young people who run away and go missing from home.  We offer emotional and practical help and advice to families who are experiencing long or short term difficulties.



SAFE@LAST has two websites. for young people looking for help and advice and for people wanting to know about the charity.

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