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If you’re finding life difficult and would like some help or advice you can write to Ask Ali. We’ll read and reply to every letter either directly to you or by putting the reply on this site (you can choose how we do this). Your question won’t appear on the site until we’ve read it and responded. You can also have a look at what other young people have written in case you’re experiencing something similar.
Dear  Ali
My friend has depression

Hi, One of my best friends has depression and I don't know what to do. He keeps pushing me away. He doesn't do anything which is what I think doesn't help. He stays at home and does nothing. I try...

Dear  Ali
Help me. please?x

Hey, right. i am shy and i really have no idea why im actually sat here doing this. my social worker says she is going to refer me to a Mental Health place, this is because of the things that i...

Dear  Ali
What shall i do with my life?

What shall i do i get bullied by friends step brothers and get shouted at by step dad when angry and very upset about everything and my dad. And i cry at night for my dad.

Dear  Ali
mental illness's

recently i have been having awful paranoia .iv had it before but nothing like this .its making me depressed .i have told some of my friends but not many .i told my parents wen i first got paranoia...


Every young person who SAFE@LAST works with is entitled to confidentiality.  That means that we don’t tell other people what you tell us.  But we also want to ensure you’re safe.  So if you tell us on this website (or through the helpline or face to face) that someone is hurting you, that you know someone else is hurt or that you’re not safe we share this with a SAFE@LAST Manager.  The SAFE@LAST Manager may then may decide to pass this information on to a Police Officer or a Social Worker.


SAFE@LAST has two websites. for young people looking for help and advice and for people wanting to know about the charity.

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