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Children and young people run away for a range of reasons – it may be to do with problems that your child or young person feels unable to talk to you about for example bullying, sex and relationships, drugs, alcohol, school or a combination of all these things.

Sometimes your child may threaten to run away during or after you have had an argument with them.  Your child may even think that you don't want them there.

Often, when the child or young person actually runs away both of you wish that the clock could be turned back and that it had never happened.

In an ideal family world we would all be able to talk about our worries and concerns to each other in a calm and respectful manner.  The reality is that during these ‘talks’ we get upset or angry and quickly a calm and respectful talk about our worries turns into arguing, blaming and can sometimes lead to violence.

This situation leaves everyone in the household feeling unhappy and sometimes fearful of the consequences, things are said which are sometimes difficult to take back and feelings of resentment can develop.

If you would like more information please visit our Charity Website where you will find more information and a few suggestions that might help you if your child is threatening to, or has, run away.

SAFE@LAST has two websites. for young people looking for help and advice and for people wanting to know about the charity.

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